Yes, here it is Valentine’s Day.  What a wonderful time of the year for everybody who are in love. Just think of all the chocolate candy and the flowers and cards that are being sent by special delivery today.  I hope that all of you are on the receiving end of some special gift from your sweetheart today.

All the newly wed couples will be enjoying this day to the fullest I am sure.  I know that I love being remembered on Valentine’s Day by my sweetheart.  There are so many gifts that people can give to one another on Valentine’s Day.  Gift certificates to spend a day at the spa, tickets to the opera, a sports game, a weekend get away at a bed and breakfast.

But whatever the choice is in the way of a gift for your special one I am sure that you will be very appreciated once they receive the gift from you. Valentine’s Day is also a day for couples to get engaged or married. I told my son who was married on Valentine’s Day that it would always be easy to remember his wedding anniversary and he wouldn’t have to be afraid that he would forget it.

I have always wondered what the most unusual kind of Valentine’s Day gift to give somebody would be.  If anybody stops by my website today and reads my blog post I hope that some of you will comment on what kind of gifts that you have received and have thought to be unique and unusual.

Until I blog again I wish everyone out there today a very Special Valentine’s Day and enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones.

Keep blogging everybody,

See you soon,



Rainy Day!

When I got out of bed this morning I came into the living room and ventured a look outside the window.  What I saw started to depress me but then I stopped.  It was another rainy day, sure, but the reason I decided not to let it get me down was the fact that when I opened up the living room door to see if it was a cold day I was startled to find that it was very warm.

The grass is still green, albeit there are no longer any leaves left on the trees in my yard or down the side of the street where I live.  That is to be expected at this time of year.  I am one of the lucky people who live on a street that you don’t have to bag up your leaves in the yard.  We have people who are hired to do the yard work.  I rent my small apartment and that is one of the things that I love about living in this neighborhood.  It not only looks pretty but the persons who live here keep up the yard work on a regular basis during the summer and the fall seasons.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I chanced a look over to the right side of my porch railing.  The rose bush still has the one bloom on it.  By tonight when the temperature drops it will no longer be alive in the morning.  That makes me sad but also leaves me with the knowledge that once spring arrives next year it will again be putting forth many beautiful red roses again.

On Fridays I call my granddaughter Kristi Jayne and we talk for a long time.  She is in the 4th grade and she simply loves to tell me all about what has transpired during the week of school.  Who she has made friends with and what they are doing in their classroom plus who she has a crush on.  I simply told her that she is much to young to have a crush on any boy at this time.  But she laughed and told me that the boy she liked didn’t know that she liked him.  I told her that was quite alright.  And her usual response to that statement from me was a simple “Oh Grandma!”.

Love her dearly, I do, but she is growing up so fast now.  She will be coming to stay the weekend with me the day after Thanksgiving.  She will be with me for 3 days and nights and then she will be going back home to start school again on the following Monday.  Time flies by so quickly these days I noticed.  Maybe it happens like that when people grow older, like me, but then again maybe it is just how one looks at life as it goes on each and every day.

I am still reading blogs as I search online.  I love reading all of them each and everyday.  It keeps me busy and I enjoy doing so.  It seems that I haven’t anything interesting to really talk about today.  I think I just love writing on my blog page.  Just saying anything that comes to my mind.  How about all of you out there?  What are a lot of you planning on doing over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I imagine you will all be going to see family members and traveling long distances in order to do so.  If all of you are planning on taking trips remember to be careful when doing so.

This time of year is a busy one in the way of traveling back and forth to our destinations.  We all have to think of being safe when we do so.  Much in this world is changing and it has become in some regions a dangerous place to live and to travel to.

The tragedy in Paris, France has made me realize that our world needs peace.  Why can’t countries get along with each other.  Why must there be so many wars in this world.  I am praying for world peace everyday and I hope that it happens soon.  I am praying for everyone and the young men and women who are overseas in other war torn countries to come home soon and be reunited with their families.

I am going to stop writing here right now and will be back again to write more tomorrow.  Until then everybody stay safe and healthy.

Keep blogging everyone.

See you later,


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I woke up bright and early this morning determined more than ever to shake the feeling of melancholy that I have been experiencing for more than 6 months.

Since I have been feeling so down and rather blue I had not been able to write on my blog site for quite some time.  Today is different.  After writing last night I went to sleep and was able to rest so much better.

I had retired late last night after reading several blog pages on different sites.  I may add that they were all very good and held my interest for several hours.

Now I find myself ready to sit down and start writing on my blog page again.  I am so happy that the awful melancholy feeling that I was buried in under disappeared.  I am hoping that it is gone forever.

Today is such a beautiful morning.  The sun is out and it is unseasonably warm in the town in which I live.  The state of Tennessee is very warm in the winter months.  We only have at least 2 months of very cold weather down here.  It starts in February and runs until the last of March.

Last year the cold stayed with us a little bit longer than usual.  To long for me but then Spring was just around the corner as the old saying goes and when the cold spell ended the flowers started to bloom.  The trees started sprouting their abundant green leaves.  The birds seemed to all come back from farther south.

The beautiful red birds and blue jays are my favorites.  The colors of these 2 birds are amazingly beautiful to behold.  It is November now and I looked at the rose bush that grows at the end of the porch and I was absolutely stunned to see 3 blooms on that bush.

I cannot believe it.  We just  had temps down here last week of 29 degrees.  I thought it had killed the bush but it certainly didn’t after all.  I cannot wait for the last 3 blooms to burst forth in their brilliant red color in the next 2 or 3 days.

I am going to take a picture of it and share it on my page for people to see when they come to read what I have written here today.  I may just come back and write several times.  I am in such a vigorous mood to write and keep going.  It is so nice to type though instead of actually putting pen to paper.  If I had to do that I am afraid my arms would tire to soon and I would have to quit for a while.

Sometimes when I visit with my neighbors I just ramble on and on.  It is a wonder they don’t get tired of me doing this and just tell me to keep quiet for a while so they can enjoy the scenery.  I love taking a cup of coffee and sitting outside on the front porch early of a summer morning and just relaxing.  It is peaceful and a person can actually sit still and listen to the sounds of the neighborhood waking up around them.

I will have to take a break in a little while here as I need to go to town to do some much needed shopping.  The weather report said that the area where I live would be experiencing some severe weather today and tomorrow.  Surely they must be kidding!  In November.  Who ever heard of bad storms blowing through in the winter time.  But since it is the National Weather Service reporting that we will be having this kind of weather I guess they can’t be wrong.

I should be back home nice and cozy by the time it starts.  Now that I have all of my bills paid I can put the extra money left over into my Christmas savings account so I can be ready to go shopping for presents this year.  Last year unfortunately I was not able to save very much.  I did manage to purchase all family members presents to go under their Christmas trees.  I will be able to spend more on everyone this year.

I know it is probably much to early to be talking about Christmas shopping but I do know several people who live close by me that start buying presents in the summer.  I never start that early but I may be changing my shopping plans and start much earlier.  Maybe I will start shopping in April so I can be finished by November 1st of next year.  That would be wonderful but I am one of those people who practically wait until the last 3 days before Christmas to do the shopping.  How awful.

I do love going to the after Holiday sales though.  Talk about getting good quality products cheap!  It is a wonder to behold and actually experience going into a mall on the day after Thanksgiving and join the crowds and try to look for what you want to buy.  I love the excitement that goes with the actual sale day.  So exhilarating!!

I need to purchase a new printer this year.  I was going to get it last year at the after Thanksgiving Day sale but I passed up the opportunity to do so.  Regretted not getting a new one later on.  Wish I had at the time.  This year I am not coming home without a brand new sweeper,  exercise bike and a new printer for my computer.  Hope they have a sale on the printer ink as well and paper.  Can’t buy a printer without getting the ink and the paper with it.

My little granddaughter Kristi had her 10th birthday Sunday.  Her daddy made sure that her day was special.  We had presents for her.  She is such a beautiful child.  She loves school and is learning so much.  She is up at 5 every morning waiting on the bus to pick her up with the other neighborhood children.

She was on the A-B honor roll at her school this past month.  I am so proud of her.  She told me that she wants to go to college and become an Art Teacher.  She loves to draw and paint.  She amazes me.  I cannot believe that she is now 10 years old and in the 4th grade.  I know it won’t be long until she becomes a teenager.  I told her daddy to watch out for the phone as he will probably have a difficult time getting to use it.

Well, I must stop writing for now as I need to get out and about and complete my shopping for today.  I am making an old fashioned meat loaf for dinner tonight.

Keep blogging everybody.

See you later,


Where Have I Been?

I know that it has been a very long time since I have written anything on my blog page.  I am sorry for that.  It isn’t that I have been lost and haven’t been able to find my way home again.

Although to me for the last several months it has seemed to me that I have been lost in one way or another.  Just exactly how I don’t know.  I have been feeling a bit blue lately.  I think it is because I have realized during the course of the last year that my little granddaughter has been growing up so fast and time has been speeding by me that I haven’t noticed all that is going on around me.

That is the sad fact.  We should all take the time to see and explore all our environment holds for us each and every waking day of our lives.  If we fail to do so we miss what is going on.  We miss so many exciting activities that are taking place around us.

I have not been paying attention to life around me and I must begin to do so on  a daily basis.  Now that I have turned 65 I cannot afford to just sit back and let time drift past without having the enthusiasm that I need to get up and see what life has to offer me each and everyday.

My health at this time is good so I have nothing to complain about.  I go out shopping with my friend from time to time but she is so energetic nothing seems to get her down in spirits or to stand in her way of accomplishing her goals.  I wish I were more like her.

I know that the holidays are coming around now and they are bearing down on us quickly.  Just seemed like yesterday that fall break was going on at the schools and colleges.  I know that the children in my neighborhood loved having the week off to play outside and just visit each other.

But the summer is now over, fall is definitely here as you can feel the cold wind blowing everyday when you go outside.  I have not began to get ready for Thanksgiving Day.  It will be here before I know it.  Then just around the corner is another Christmas and coming right behind that on the tail end of that wonderful holiday is the beginning of another New Year.

Will we all be ready this December 31st to ring in the new 2016?  I hope so.  I do hope that the new year that is dawning in the distance will bring World Peace finally.  There has been so much death and destruction this past year.  I want the world to become peaceful and stay that way.

Back to the subject of where have I been and why haven’t I been blogging.  Well I am going to make it my goal and priority to blog each and everyday on my blog site.  I love writing but have over the last few months seemed to have lost the desire to keep writing.  I just have to try my best to get over this dreadful melancholy mood.  It is depressing me.  If anybody stops by my blog today and reads my post would you please leave some comments and suggestions as to how I may overcome this strange mood that I have found myself in lately.

I would appreciate any kind of advice that you could give me.  Until then I will try and follow as many blog sites as I can and read all of the posts that I find.  Keep blogging everybody.

See you later,



I had 3 wonderful weeks with my little granddaughter Kristi Jayne.  She is such a delight to me since I am now older and she is growing up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday when she was a little baby.  When I look at her now I am awed at how much she has changed in looks.  She is blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

I am hoping that she will keep her beautiful sky blue eyes and blonde hair throughout her life.  Her daddy was born with blue eyes and blonde curly hair but when he turned 13 his hair and eyes turned dark brown.

As soon as school let out the last week of May, around the 22nd to be exact, her father called and asked if I would like to have her for a week.  Well that week turned into 2 weeks and then I called and asked if he would leave her for one more week.  He agreed and we had such a wonderful time.

She and her best friend who lives next door to me had several sleep overs where they both vowed to stay up till daylight with me.  We didn’t make it and all of us went to sleep by midnight.  But we enjoyed several nights of movies.

Kristi Jayne is now 9 going on 10.  She keeps me company when she is with me and I miss her terribly when it comes time for her to go back home with her daddy.  But I know that each summer and on the weekends during the school year she will be spending those days and nights with me again.

She loves riding her bike and when she is here during the summer she and her friends love to play with the water hose.  She is getting ready to take a vacation with her father and his girlfriend who happens to have 3 blonde haired and blue eyed daughters.  She loves being with them and has such fun.  In fact they all look like sisters.  One day I hope that they will be sisters.

The three weeks we spent together were filled with lots of nights of talking about everything.  She is so wise for her years.  She has a wonderful voice and she sings to me all the time when she is here.  Of course she loves to listen to rap music which I have never been a fan of.  I grew up listening to the music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Those were the best years to me.  Now the music that is being played on the radio is the kind that I can’t follow being as I am not a younger person or teenager.

Who knows what we will be listening to next.  Kristi Jayne loves country music also.  I am hoping that she will become an artist, or a singer.  Right now when she comes to visit she is trying to teach me to dance.  I have never learned to but she says after a few lessons from her I will be an expert.  Oh well, time will tell I guess.

It is now late and I am getting sleepy.  Time to shut down my computer and get some rest until tomorrow.

Keep blogging and be happy everybody!!!

See you later,


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I know that I have not posted anything on my site since last summer.  I don’t know what happened or why I got so off track so to speak.  I am usually not like this.

I love to write.  So I am back on my site writing tonight.  I hope to view many of the sites and start reading what others are posting up on their word press sites.  I know that I have had to buy a new computer as my old one got infected with some kind of virus that literally destroyed it.

It was impossible to turn it on or even get the screen to come on.  This was so frustrating and left me without a computer to use until last month.  I went 6 months without being able to sit down with one of my own.

I did go to Walmart where I live and finally after looking around at all of the desk top computers and the lap tops they had to offer I found one reasonably priced and was able to purchase it.  I had been saving money every month for 6 months to come up with at least 300 dollars to spend for a good dependable lap top.

I am extremely happy with the Acer Aspire lap top computer that I bought that day.  It is giving me a chance to catch up on what has been going on at the social sites and I finally was able to respond to all of my emails from my friends.

If you don’t have a reliable computer you can’t get much done.  I am sure that a lot of you out there know that.

The weather here has been terribly hot since the month of June rolled around this summer.  We are now in the second week of mid-90 degree temps.  Humidity is terrible again and we are experiencing strong storms at least once a week.  It is just hot and very dry right now here in Tennessee.

I do hope it starts cooling off soon.  I am going to start putting up pictures of my favorite places soon.  I hope that many of you will visit my site and look at my pictures when I get them up.

Until then, keep posting on your sites.

See you later,


MAY 19TH, 2014

Here it is the 19th day of May and school will be out for the summer in my area on the 21st day of May.  I cannot believe that it is time for school to let out for the summer so soon.  I am not prepared for it as of yet.  My granddaughter is impatient to get her summer vacation off to a fast, fun start.  She would have liked to be out of school starting today but it didn’t work out the way that she had planned.  I told her she had two more days to go and then she would be free from school for the summer until the first week of August.

She didn’t like what I said but I told her that it was true.  I told her to be patient and her summer break from school would be here before she knew it.  Her father already has made plans for the summer and they will be really busy and hardly here at all.

She is going to be so busy going so many places she won’t have time to catch her breath.  She will be in the 3rd grade when school starts again.  She just completed her second year and she had great grades this year.  She has learned to do math and she can read extremely well for her age.  I am so proud of her and the many things she has learned to do this year at school.

She has had troubled behaving on occasion from time to time but then what child doesn’t when they are at school.  She has her any moods also but I have learned what they mean when she gets in one of her moods.  Sometimes when she is quiet it means she just wants to be left alone so she can read or play.  I don’t have trouble giving her her own space from time to time. She is quite good about making up her bed and keeping her toys picked up and put away for me. 

She helps me do the sweeping because I have a little sweeper that doesn’t require any electricity to use and she loves pushing this around on the floor to get up the dust for me.  She is my little helper and I love her so much.  She will be moving away this summer and will be far from me and I am going to miss her terribly when she is gone.  But I will be calling her and she will be calling me and coming to spend the weekends with me now.  That will help ease the burden of being alone. 

I knew the day would finally come when my son would find someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he has finally done that.  She is a very nice girl and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.  My little granddaughter will have three new sisters in her life when the move is made.  I am happy that she will not be an only child and she won’t be alone anymore.

The little girls all get along so well with each other and they do not argue amongst themselves.  They share games and toys and are looking forward to the new tree house that is going to be built for them to enjoy this summer.  I just hope they don’t fall out of it and that it isn’t vey high up off the ground.  I worry so much about her.

But then what parent or grandparent don’t worry about their children or grandchildren.  It is now time for her to go to bed so she can get up for school in the morning.  I have to get her ready for bed now so I will write again later. 

Everybody keeping blogging and stay safe, happy and healthy.  Until I write again see you later.