Hobbies I Like To Do

What kind of hobbies do you like to do? The list of hobbies that I have are: reading, writing in my blog, taking long walks, shopping, dining out, going to the movies, working on crafts,(I like to make wall hangings for the house}. I do like to take pictures of places that I have been but I do not know if that would be classified as a hobby. I like to play hidden object games on my computer and work the jigsaw puzzles. Does anyone out there have any new hobbies that I might be interested in?
If so drop me a line at my blog site:

When I was in high school I was interested in oil painting and had prepared an oil painting of a church that was in my neighborhood. My art teacher Mrs. Miller told me the next day that she was going to send it to the art fair in New York to be exhibited. I was so excited that I went home and told my parents. They were really proud of me. When I arrived at school the next morning I went to art class as usual. When I went into the room I noticed that my painting was sitting on a table against the wall and it didn’t look the way it had when I left school on Friday.
Mrs. Miller told me that when she arrived in the classroom she found it on the floor and when she picked it up the oil paint had been smeared and she did not think I had time to repair it before she sent it with the others. Later I found out that my best friend Brenda had her picture sent in place of mine to the art fair. I was very sad and disappointed and felt like I couldn’t paint again. I have not tried to paint since that happened. I was in my junior year in high school at the time. Has anyone ever had anything like this to happen to them or am I the only one to experience this?

I also like to plant flowers and I do have a small flower garden this year in front of my house. I like to grow roses. The miniature kind though. I do not have much luck with the larger rose bushes that I have seen my neighbors growing in their gardens. How about you out there. What are your favorite hobbies and what are your favorite flowers. As you may have guessed I am a lot older that some people. I am a grandmother of a little blonde haired blue-eyed seven-year old girl. Yes, she is the apple of my eye. I love her dearly and have so much fun with her. You might say she is keeping me young and I love that. I love to see the excitement on her face when she is telling me what happens at school. Who her new friends are and just hearing her laugh makes me so happy.

Well, I hope I have not bored anybody too much today. As I have said I love to write on my blog and I hope you get a chance to read it and maybe leave some comments if you like what you read today and previously what I wrote before. Like I said I will try to blog some more in the days ahead when I am not to busy running around and doing errands and the daily chores of keeping up my house and keeping it in order.
See you around again.

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