MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016

It is early Monday morning and I am still awake.  Have no idea what is keeping me up all hours of the night and this has been going on for the last 2 weeks now.

I do not often stay up late unless it is to browse the internet and read the news articles and to follow the word press sites of other writers.

The weather has been rather wet lately and I hope that it starts to improve before long.  I don’t like to stay inside to much during the spring and the summer months.  I like to be out of doors as I am sure that many of you do.

I have been following the presidential running candidates lately and think that Hillary Clinton may become our next President.  She seems to have the right platform at this time such as Health Care Reform and raising the mininum wage for workers across the United States and trying to keep our jobs here instead of moving them overseas to other countries.

I don’t know how other peope feel about her promises that she says she will make happen when and if she gets elected President.  Trump on the other hand is beginning to look like a nightmare in the making and I am beginning to hope that he does not get elected.

If we have to rely on Hillary Clinton to become our next President will she be able to get the Congress and the Senate to work with her and make all those promises that she is reiterating in her campaign speeches become a realitity for all of us Americans.

Is she going to have her husband the former President of the United States behind her telling her how to do the job.  I have no idea what to think about all her promises and the ones that Bernie Sanders is making doesn’t look all that promising for all of us either.

I just hope that the one I vote for will be a good President and work for all of us and not just certain individuals.  That we are all supposed to be deemed equal and treated so justly.Well, however it goes may the best candidate win and do a great job of trying to repair this country and get our debt under control.

President Obama will be leaving the White House next year and leaving the mess behind that he couldn’t fix to someone else to take care of.  Who ever that person may be I wish them all the best of luck in the endeavor to straighten this country of ours out.

Until the next time I write on my blog page keep blogging everyone and I will try to keep following all the bloggers that I have been reading.

See you later and keep blogging,





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