MARCH 7, 2016

I have been reading the news items I saw on my blog reader page and find many of them very interesting.  However, I think the one about Hillary Clinton supporting Obama’s use of military strikes in the overseas war in Afganastan and Iran not new.

I feel that we should elect a President who will bring all of our troops home and let these countries who are in conflict fight it out with each other on their own.  Hasn’t the United States sacraficed enough young lives in all of the wars that we have undertaken in other countries to bring world peace to.  It doesn’t look like that there will ever be world peace in this time.

We as a country should focus on our own United States and the impoverished circumstances of our own people who live here.  Why are we bringing other people over here from other countries.  We can’t seem to feed the homeless or put them in safe places already without the added burden of our government bringing more over here for us to try to help when it is evidently clear to me that we can’t take care of our own or our government leaders are spending money on themselves instead of putting the funding to the specific uses it was intended for in the first place.

I don’t know if anybody agrees with me about what I have just stated about our country not helping our own.  Can’t any President and any government body, the Senate and the Congress get together on this and do something to stop the suffering of the homeless and end the wars overseas.

I guess I am just ranting on my blog about the government and its lack of caring about people in general but on another note I hope that everybody has had a good day so far.

I am still reading the blog sites that I am following and hope that you are following my site also.  Until I blog again everybody stay safe, happy and healthy and keep blogging.

See you soon,



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