The Last Day Of February!!!

Thank goodness it is the last day of  February.  I am so happy to know that tomorrow is the first day of March and that in just a few weeks or even days warmer weather will be with us once again.

The winter months here in the state where I live have not been very cold for a winter season.  I am much relieved of that fact because my heating bills have been very low for this season.  When it is warm during our winter months down here we tend to save money on heating bills and that is a plus for many Tennesseans living in the South.

I have no complaints at this time and I doubt if I will have any when it becomes Spring then fast turns into Summer for us.  I know that there will be many rainy days ahead but then isn’t it always like that when Winter is over and the new Spring season arrives.

Spring Break will be approaching for my little granddaughter and other children who are going to school.  I am sure that the college students are looking for a much needed break during their school year.

I haven’t any plans yet as to what I will be doing as soon as it starts getting warmer outside other than sitting on the front porch with the newspaper or a good book and a cup of coffee or a glass of cold sweet tea.

I hope that the approaching month of March finds all of you well and happy and looking forward to getting out and about with family and friends.

Until I blog again stay safe, happy and well and keep blogging.

See you later,





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