FEBRUARY 20, 2016

This is Saturday and I am sitting here writing on my blog page today.  It seems to be a normal day so far.  Nothing out of the ordinary happening that seems to be so unusual to get my attention.

The weather today is unbelievably warm though to be the last week of February.  I am certainly not complaining as I love the warm weather over the cold any time.

I need to go shopping today so I can pick up groceries and other household supplies.  I am looking outside as I sit here and write this morning and I notice how green and lovely the lawn looks.  It will not be long until everybody in my neighborhood will be rolling out their lawmowers for another summer season of yard mowing and the landscaping companies here will be very busy trying to make the owners of new homes happy with their selection of trees, flowers and shrubbery.

Yes, business will be picking up during the upcoming summer months that will be approaching us again.  None to soon for me as I have been looking forward to the warm days ahead of me.  I am anxious to plant a few more rose bushes in the front and back yards.  I know I won’t be the only one where I live on this street looking forward to improving the looks of their front yards.  My little granddaughter told me just last night that she is looking forward to having time off from scchool during the last week of March for her spring break.

I cannot believe that the kids will be enjoying another Spring Break again soon either.  I bet the college kids will be anxious to get to the beaches in Florida for Spring Break again. I am sure all of us who had the opportunity to go to college have fond memories of our Spring Breaks, especially on the beaches where it was fun to be.  Playing volleyball and swimming and surfing the waves.

Well I am getting ready to go shopping and pick up the neccessities that I have wrote down on my shopping list.  Now to get out the door and get going.  Until then everybody keep blogging and stay happy and healthy and safe.

See you soon,






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