FEBRUARY 15, 2016

It is Monday, the day after Valentine’s Day and it has been very quiet for me.  I got up this morning and had my breakfast which consisted of a waffle and a cup of my favorite moccha latte coffee.

After this I sat down at my computer and logged into my Word Press site and started reading several other posts on different sites.  This is what I love to do when I first wake up each morning.  I enjoy reading all the posts on as many sites as I can visit in one morning.

Sometimes I do this all day long.  It is so interesting to read what other people write about in their lives.  I love the pictures that they put up for everyone to see and to read about all the places that they have visited and the pictures that show the land and the cities that they have been to.

I also like reading about the history of the cities in different countries that the  bloggers have traveled through.  Although I don’t have the money to travel I have a chance to see the pictures and to actually wonder what it would be like to go where these people have been. To see how the people live in these countries and to see how what kind of jobs they work at.

I will continue to keep visiting as many sites as I can on the Word Press site and to follow as many blogs as I can each and every day.  Until then keep blogging and stay happy and healthy out there everybody.

See you soon,





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