Yes, here it is Valentine’s Day.  What a wonderful time of the year for everybody who are in love. Just think of all the chocolate candy and the flowers and cards that are being sent by special delivery today.  I hope that all of you are on the receiving end of some special gift from your sweetheart today.

All the newly wed couples will be enjoying this day to the fullest I am sure.  I know that I love being remembered on Valentine’s Day by my sweetheart.  There are so many gifts that people can give to one another on Valentine’s Day.  Gift certificates to spend a day at the spa, tickets to the opera, a sports game, a weekend get away at a bed and breakfast.

But whatever the choice is in the way of a gift for your special one I am sure that you will be very appreciated once they receive the gift from you. Valentine’s Day is also a day for couples to get engaged or married. I told my son who was married on Valentine’s Day that it would always be easy to remember his wedding anniversary and he wouldn’t have to be afraid that he would forget it.

I have always wondered what the most unusual kind of Valentine’s Day gift to give somebody would be.  If anybody stops by my website today and reads my blog post I hope that some of you will comment on what kind of gifts that you have received and have thought to be unique and unusual.

Until I blog again I wish everyone out there today a very Special Valentine’s Day and enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones.

Keep blogging everybody,

See you soon,



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