Where Have I Been?

I know that it has been a very long time since I have written anything on my blog page.  I am sorry for that.  It isn’t that I have been lost and haven’t been able to find my way home again.

Although to me for the last several months it has seemed to me that I have been lost in one way or another.  Just exactly how I don’t know.  I have been feeling a bit blue lately.  I think it is because I have realized during the course of the last year that my little granddaughter has been growing up so fast and time has been speeding by me that I haven’t noticed all that is going on around me.

That is the sad fact.  We should all take the time to see and explore all our environment holds for us each and every waking day of our lives.  If we fail to do so we miss what is going on.  We miss so many exciting activities that are taking place around us.

I have not been paying attention to life around me and I must begin to do so on  a daily basis.  Now that I have turned 65 I cannot afford to just sit back and let time drift past without having the enthusiasm that I need to get up and see what life has to offer me each and everyday.

My health at this time is good so I have nothing to complain about.  I go out shopping with my friend from time to time but she is so energetic nothing seems to get her down in spirits or to stand in her way of accomplishing her goals.  I wish I were more like her.

I know that the holidays are coming around now and they are bearing down on us quickly.  Just seemed like yesterday that fall break was going on at the schools and colleges.  I know that the children in my neighborhood loved having the week off to play outside and just visit each other.

But the summer is now over, fall is definitely here as you can feel the cold wind blowing everyday when you go outside.  I have not began to get ready for Thanksgiving Day.  It will be here before I know it.  Then just around the corner is another Christmas and coming right behind that on the tail end of that wonderful holiday is the beginning of another New Year.

Will we all be ready this December 31st to ring in the new 2016?  I hope so.  I do hope that the new year that is dawning in the distance will bring World Peace finally.  There has been so much death and destruction this past year.  I want the world to become peaceful and stay that way.

Back to the subject of where have I been and why haven’t I been blogging.  Well I am going to make it my goal and priority to blog each and everyday on my blog site.  I love writing but have over the last few months seemed to have lost the desire to keep writing.  I just have to try my best to get over this dreadful melancholy mood.  It is depressing me.  If anybody stops by my blog today and reads my post would you please leave some comments and suggestions as to how I may overcome this strange mood that I have found myself in lately.

I would appreciate any kind of advice that you could give me.  Until then I will try and follow as many blog sites as I can and read all of the posts that I find.  Keep blogging everybody.

See you later,



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