MAY 19TH, 2014

Here it is the 19th day of May and school will be out for the summer in my area on the 21st day of May.  I cannot believe that it is time for school to let out for the summer so soon.  I am not prepared for it as of yet.  My granddaughter is impatient to get her summer vacation off to a fast, fun start.  She would have liked to be out of school starting today but it didn’t work out the way that she had planned.  I told her she had two more days to go and then she would be free from school for the summer until the first week of August.

She didn’t like what I said but I told her that it was true.  I told her to be patient and her summer break from school would be here before she knew it.  Her father already has made plans for the summer and they will be really busy and hardly here at all.

She is going to be so busy going so many places she won’t have time to catch her breath.  She will be in the 3rd grade when school starts again.  She just completed her second year and she had great grades this year.  She has learned to do math and she can read extremely well for her age.  I am so proud of her and the many things she has learned to do this year at school.

She has had troubled behaving on occasion from time to time but then what child doesn’t when they are at school.  She has her any moods also but I have learned what they mean when she gets in one of her moods.  Sometimes when she is quiet it means she just wants to be left alone so she can read or play.  I don’t have trouble giving her her own space from time to time. She is quite good about making up her bed and keeping her toys picked up and put away for me. 

She helps me do the sweeping because I have a little sweeper that doesn’t require any electricity to use and she loves pushing this around on the floor to get up the dust for me.  She is my little helper and I love her so much.  She will be moving away this summer and will be far from me and I am going to miss her terribly when she is gone.  But I will be calling her and she will be calling me and coming to spend the weekends with me now.  That will help ease the burden of being alone. 

I knew the day would finally come when my son would find someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he has finally done that.  She is a very nice girl and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.  My little granddaughter will have three new sisters in her life when the move is made.  I am happy that she will not be an only child and she won’t be alone anymore.

The little girls all get along so well with each other and they do not argue amongst themselves.  They share games and toys and are looking forward to the new tree house that is going to be built for them to enjoy this summer.  I just hope they don’t fall out of it and that it isn’t vey high up off the ground.  I worry so much about her.

But then what parent or grandparent don’t worry about their children or grandchildren.  It is now time for her to go to bed so she can get up for school in the morning.  I have to get her ready for bed now so I will write again later. 

Everybody keeping blogging and stay safe, happy and healthy.  Until I write again see you later.



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