Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody!  Here it is another Easter here and gone.  I hope that everyone’s day was a happy event filled day.  I know it was busy around my neighborhood today with all of the traditional egg hunts underway by noon.  My granddaughter went egg hunting up at her friends house.  She had a lot of fun and just came back this evening.  She was really tired when she got back home this evening.

She is asleep at this time because she has school tomorrow.  Speaking of which school will soon be out for the summer.  Our last day of school in this district will be the 25th of May.  I know the children are looking forward to having time off from school this summer.  The public pools will be opening up on Memorial Day.  Our neighbors have swimming pools so they will be putting water in their pools before Memorial Day gets here.

I put the photo of the vintage Easter card up at the top of the page.  I found it online when I was looking for jigsaw puzzles to work and I thought it was such a cute picture of a puzzle. I also found this beautiful picture of Easter Lillie’s.  I wanted to share the photo with all of you.  They are beautiful and our Easter Lillie’s are blooming around the yard here. 

CaptureWhite Easter Lilly Flowers

Isn’t this photo of these Lillie’s beautiful?  I thought they would brighten up my blog page so I added them into my post. When I found this photo online it was included in an article about the resurrection of Christ.  I read the article and found it very interesting.  When I looked at these flowers before I never really gave it much thought as to what they actually represented until I read through the article.

Anyway I liked the photo of the flowers and decided to capture the photo and put it in my picture library.  I am glad that I did.


I am going to stop writing for now and I will write again tomorrow.  Until then, stay safe, happy and keep blogging.

See you later,


APRIL 19th, 2014

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon here at my home today.  It is now 10 minutes after 4 and I am sitting at my desk writing another post for my blog site.

I hope the day for all of you has went well. It is so beautiful outside. I imagine that we are going to have perfect weather after all for all of the Easter events that will be going on all day tomorrow.

I expect that all of the parents around the country has been busy almost all day coloring those endless supplies of hard boiled eggs that will be needed for the egg hunts tomorrow.  I for one did not color any as my granddaughter will be attending a egg hunt in another city and not the one where I live at.

It is supposed to be near 80 degrees tomorrow and I know that everyone especially the little children will be so excited at the prospect of finding quite a few gold and silver colored eggs.  I wish all the parents and especially the little ones all the best of fun tomorrow and I do hope that they all come away with a prize.

Let’s not forget the true meaning of Easter.  We know that Christ was crucified and hung up on the cross to die for our sins.  He rose again on the third day which is supposed to be Easter Sunday. I know that many of you will be attending the early Easter sunrise services at your churches tomorrow.

While we are all attending the service let’s remember to pray for our country, the president and our men and women of the armed forces who are overseas at this moment trying to bring about peace to our world. I will be praying for world peace and the safe return of our many brave men and women who are protecting our country at this time.

Until I write again on my blog site stay safe, happy and keep blogging.  I do hope many of you will visit my blog and I will continue to visit as many blogs as I can each day and follow them also.

See you later,


APRIL 18th, 2014

Hello everybody.

I am up late tonight just surfing the internet to see what I can find of interest to read.  I have been looking for new movies to watch lately.  Has anybody seen the new movie out called Noah with Russell Crowe yet?  I haven’t seen it but I have seen the advertisements about it everywhere on television and the internet. It looks like it will be a good movie so I think I will take the time to go see it at the theater.

It has been a quiet day around here.  Nothing of interest going on at the moment.  My little granddaughter and her father are off visiting friends this weekend.  He had an extra day off from work so he made plans to travel this weekend. They will be home on Easter Sunday and I need to make a special dinner for that day.

I bought a new desk from The Country Door and it came today.  It is absolutely beautiful. I have had trouble trying to put it together as I have no one to help me assemble it.  I am going to give it my best shot and see if I can do this myself for once.  I am reading the directions closely and carefully and making sure that I have the right pieces of the desk together before I start putting it together and tightening the bolts.

I have never attempted this kind of assembly job before so wish me luck. It is a pretty good sized desk. It is white wood and it is a corner desk.  It has a huge middle drawer which the other desk that I had previously to purchasing this one didn’t have.  So that is a plus in itself.  I needed a new one anyway and I wanted one that would brighten up my living room.  I am putting it in the corner so I can have a small home office in the living room.

So far the corner in the living room of my house has been the ideal spot for my home office. This is where I write and the view out of the living room window helps me to concentrate when I write.

I can almost hear some of you say, “What does she need to look out of the window for if she is writing?”

I know that it doesn’t make any sense and I can understand why some people would ask that.  But hey! It is kind of hard to see anything out of the window if you are looking out of it at night time.

I was surfing the internet last week and I found this picture of this man holding this giant chocolate candy Easter egg. CaptureGiant 25 pound Easter egg

Yes, he dropped this egg. Can you imagine having a chocolate Easter egg this huge in your house.  If I had this egg it would take me at least a year to eat it. I would have difficulty trying to put it in the freezer to make sure that it didn’t melt or get broken. I had to share this photo with you because it is almost Easter and I just loved the photo when I came across it. I need to go out tomorrow and purchase an Easter basket for my granddaughter but I seriously doubt I will be able to find an egg this size. If I could wouldn’t she just love it. 

Are any of you taking your little children and grandchildren to any of the Easter egg hunts that will be going on?  I loved taking my son when he was little.  He has been taking my little granddaughter for a while now but since she is now 8 years old this may be the year that he stops taking her. After all she is growing up now and I think she might not want to hunt for eggs this year.

If any of you go and take the children I do hope the weather will be nice and warm.  It seems to rain on Easter for some reason or other.  I do hope that it does not rain Sunday.

I am going to stop writing for now. It is late and I need to get some rest.  So until I blog again keep blogging and stay safe and happy.

See you later,



Hello everyone! I am sitting in the living room at my desk and I am writing to you this evening. It is storming outside and if the expression ‘its raining cats and dogs’ means anything to you if it could it surely would be doing so right now. It is terrible outside at the moment. I have my computer on its battery and unplugged from the power cord to be safe.

It is only 6:45 p.m. and it is dark outside because of the storm we are having at the moment. I can’t believe that it is doing this now. We were not supposed to see any rainy weather down here until Monday afternoon. Well I guess the weather man is surprised today!

I was trying to find something on television to watch but there isn’t anything on at the moment that interests me. I do like watching Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods every Friday night. I try to watch that show as much as I can when it is on.

I went in to turn on my oven so I could bake a cake for my granddaughter and I found out the oven wouldn’t work at all. So I called to have someone come out and fix it but they have not arrived yet. It is highly unlikely that they will come out in the storm this evening and it is getting so late in the day now. I will have to postpone baking the cake until the repairman comes to fix the oven for me.

I still have my trusty crock pot but who on earth has ever tried to bake a cake in one of those things. I am certainly not going to be the first person to try it. Thank goodness the storm is finally over now and I just came back from outside trying to find the rainbow. There isn’t one that I can see as of yet.

My little granddaughter loves looking for the rainbow after the storm is over. When she sees it her little face lights up and her smile is so beautiful to me. She believes that at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold and little leprechaun’s guarding it.

My father told me when I was a small child that at the end of the rainbow there was a huge pot of gold and many little leprechaun’s guarding the pot of gold to keep people from running off with their treasure. When she was just four years old I told her the same story that my father had told me. I can’t believe that she truly believes that story today.

I have to go make a cup of my favorite coffee and I will be right back. Okay, I am here again and I have my coffee near me to keep me calm. It seems to be the only thing I can drink to calm me down during a terrible storm like the one we just had. I hope everyone has had a good week at work and has been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring like weather this past week. Today was so pretty and I spent most of my time outside.

I am going shopping again tomorrow and I hope I can find some good bargains at the stores where I usually do my shopping. I like to save money but then I am sure that everybody who shops looks for good deals just like me.

It is time for me to stop and get busy with some more house work. I have a lot to do yet. Until I blog again everybody stay happy and safe and keep blogging.

See you later,


??????????????Hello everybody!
I am sitting in front of my big window in my living room looking out at the beautiful scenery outside. What a lovely afternoon it is to. I am getting ready to go outside for the rest of the afternoon and the evening. I just can’t stay inside on such a lovely day as today. Who knows, it might be rainy and real windy tomorrow.

A lot of my neighbors nearby are out mowing their lawns already and I can’t believe they are doing that already. We don’t mow our yard until the end of this month. I haven’t been to my mailbox yet to see what the mailman left me this morning. I did some grocery shopping earlier after I sent my little granddaughter off to school. She is in the second grade and she is always making me something pretty in Art class each day. Today she told me before she left that she would be bringing me home something very special that she made in Art this week.

I can’t wait to see what she is bringing me. I have a lot of her art work hanging on the fridge in the kitchen and around the rooms in the house here. She is quite an artist at the age of 8 right now. I can’t believe how much she is changing in looks every day. She was looking a lot like her mother but now she is looking so much like her father these days. She has quite a few of his facial expressions also.

I have been looking around for pretty flowers to plant in the front yard and to put in some containers for the porch. I am still looking because I haven’t found the variety of flowers that I want yet. I do know that I will have a small flower garden underneath the big living room window.

I am going to be planting English ivy and miniature rose bushes in containers and a window box for the outside of the house. Well the front yard is getting mowed as I write this post on my blog site for all of you to read today. I am still following a lot of blog sites and still checking out new ones to follow. I love doing that and I love what I am reading on the sites that I find.

I love blogging period because it is a lot of fun to write as often as I can. It is even more inspiring to keep doing so when I see how many people have stopped by my blog to read what I have written today. I try to think of something different to write about and not to dwell on the same topics all of the time.

When I am upset about something I do not write that day as I would not want to use my blog site to sound off about what has upset me. I think that would depress the readers who stop by and visit my site.

I cannot wait for our city to start putting on the free music concerts in the square. They start at the end of this month and go all through the summer until the end of September. Each month they have one free concert and I have went several times with my neighbor and friend who lives next door to me.

Our little granddaughters when they go with us always get up and dance to the music with the other people. I am sad to say that I have never learned to dance but I do enjoy watching the other people dance to the music. Someday before to long I do want to learn how. I want to enjoy what I have been missing out on all these years.

The yard has now been mowed and looks so lovely. Time to get out the lawn chairs and the umbrella to sit in the yard. I need a yard swing though. There are so many things that I need for the yard this summer so I need to make a list and start buying these items. It will be yard sale time soon also and I love to stop and look to see what kind of bargains I can come across.

You can save a lot of money if you go yard sale shopping like I do from time to time. I have always been surprised at the items people will put in their yard sales because they no longer have a use for them. I have come across many beautiful pieces of furniture and dishes that people no longer want.

My friend usually has a yard sale during the summer. I haven’t had one yet but I do need to in order to get rid of the surplus items that have cluttered up my closet space. This would be a good way to make some extra money and to clear up my three closets. Yes, I think I will put that down on my to do a list.

I have to start spring cleaning this weekend. My son and granddaughter will be away for the weekend and this will give me the perfect time to get rid of all the dust bunnies from under the beds and the furniture.
Maybe I can get some of the clutter out of the closet and put into some boxes so I can put them into the storage shed for the yard sale this summer.

Since I have been sitting here writing my post to all of you I have also been thinking about what to have for the evening meal. I should have decided on what to fix tonight much earlier in the day but I have to admit I got side tracked with other things to do.

I have already rearranged the furniture in the living room for the 5th time in the last two months. When people come to visit me the living room is always different from the last time they were here to see me. But being the polite people they are and friendly to they never ask me why I keep changing the furniture around so much. I think I do it because I am not satisfied with the way it is after I move it. I usually move it again after a few weeks.

My son told me that I should leave the furniture where it is so I don’t hurt myself trying to change it. I know he has a good point in telling me that but I have always moved the living room furniture around even when he was little and growing up.

The wind is blowing so nicely through the trees outside and it feels so warm coming through the living room windows. I love the wind and the sound of it when it blows through the trees. Now that warm weather is here I do hope that people will be able to get out and enjoy it. This winter has been so hard on so many people around the United States. We here in Tennessee have had cold weather but nothing like the people have in the Mid western states and on the east coast have had. They have endured so much brutal cold icy and snowy weather this past winter. I know that they are glad that it is over and that the warm weather has finally arrived. I hope that they can put their lives back together again and my prayers are with them as they face the difficult task before them.

School is out now for the day and the children are all outside playing and riding bikes up and down the street in front of my house. Next weekend is Easter and I have eggs to color for the Easter Egg hunt that we are having here where I live.

I have a lot of things to get done before the night is over so I will stop writing in my blog and get busy.

Until I write again everybody stay happy, keep safe and keep blogging.

Bye for now,


Hello everyone! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up this morning to have my first cup of my favorite coffee so I could start my day. I looked out of the kitchen windows and I was startled to see actual leaves on the branches of the trees across the yard from mine. I was so happy to see the first sign of what told me that Spring had finally arrived in the small city where I live. I can’t tell you how happy that made me! It meant that the cold frigid temperatures that we had been experiencing here in the south were over until next winter.

At least for me that was what I was thinking. I had been waiting just like everyone else down here and around the country for the first sign of warm weather to get here. I had noticed the pretty robins and cardinals flying and landing in my yard for several weeks prior to spotting the leaves on the tree branches not to mention the occasional blue jay. The grass is turning greener everyday now. I have been able to go out and sit in the yard for a while for the last two weeks.

I am glad that it is finally here at last. I don’t think I want to see snow, sleet or ice at all until the winter comes around again. Easter arrives on the 20th of this month and as of yet I am still searching for the perfect Easter basket for my little granddaughter. It won’t be much longer and she will no longer be getting the Easter basket because she is getting older now. I dread the day when she no longer believes in the Easter Bunny.

I didn’t realize that it has been such a long time since I wrote on my blog site. I hope that everyone who is blogging has been well and happy. I have been thinking about redecorating my house inside. I know that I want to have a different color scheme than what I have now. I am planning on doing the kitchen in yellow and navy blue with a touch of yellow.

I have to go out and buy new cookware and I have decided to get the cookware in colors of orange, blue, yellow and red. I want to liven up my kitchen where I spend a lot of my time. I have been looking around for a new desk but I haven’t found any that I like so far. I hope that I can find something that I like and at a reasonable price. I haven’t looked online yet so that will be my next step if my search around the city doesn’t yield what I am looking for.

I still need to find the plants for the living room and some flowers to plant outside near the front windows. I love roses. The rose-bush that I had out front died from the extreme frigid temperatures we had this winter. It was such a beautiful rose-bush to. I think I might have better luck if I planted mini red rose bushes in containers and set them on the porch.

I hope that the rest of April goes well for everyone out there. Until I blog again stay safe, happy and well and keep blogging.

See you later,


Well, another week has ended and a new one with begin tomorrow. It has for me to realize that this is already January the 11th of a new year for all of us. I hope that this year so far has brought what each of you has been hoping for since last year. It has been a peaceful quiet day around my neighborhood. Nothing unusual has happened. My little granddaughter and her best friend spent the day together. They got along very well today, no quarreling amongst them over toys or movies or games. We had planned on having a sleep over here tonight but the plans changed so my granddaughters’ little friend had to go back home which was only next door.
She is upset a little bit but she will adjust to the rest of the evening as she always does. She misses her daddy as he has left for the weekend. He will be back on Sunday evening. She is being very quiet right now but I believe it is because she got up early today even though it is Saturday. She likes to stay up late on Friday night but she always goes to sleep by ten o’clock no matter how long she tries to stay awake.
I am looking forward to spring and I hope it comes early this year. I like the weather when it is warm and not cold. I am looking forward to planting my flowers out front by my windows. I don’t have planter boxes attached to my windows but I am thinking about having them this year. I think they will look lovely with all kinds of vines and colorful flowers. Yes I definitely think that is what I will do this year to change the look of my front yard. I don’t believe I will plant a flower garden as the person who mows the lawn might not like having to go the extra mile to mow around the area where my flowers are growing.
My friend has a flower garden and she has a fence around hers. It is quite lovely in the spring and the summer when the flowers bloom in their full glory. Has anyone seen any good movies lately? Has anyone found a book that they feel is a good read? If so kindly drop me the information on my blog site by leaving a comment about what you have seen at the movies or what you have read lately. I do appreciate you stopping by my blog and reading my posts. I am trying to follow as many blogs as I can each day. It is hard to keep up as I am finding so many interesting blogs everyday. I look forward to visiting each one and reading the posts. All of the posts I have read I have found exciting and very interesting.
I need to check my emails and get some errands done before night falls here. I will blog again later and until then everyone keep blogging.
See you soon,